Take a Walk in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoes!


Calling all Sex and The City fans! We now have the opportunity to own a little piece of Carrie, well sort of. Sarah Jessica Parker has teamed up with Manolo Blahnik’s CEO, George Malkemus to produce a line of Italian made shoes. The brand, called SJP, will retail for $196-$500 a pair and is sold exclusively at Nordstrom, targeting a specific range of women that they feel will be in the market for these shoes. In an interview with CNN, Parker explained that the shoes are meant to be a marriage of fashion and functionality. The line is meant to be not only fashion forward, but also functional. As a brand, SJP strives to provide customers with longevity, making it their goal to design a shoe that is still wearable two years down the road. She has also included a personal element to her line. Each shoe has a grosgrain ribbon on either the back or the side of the shoe, a signature element that reminds Parker of her childhood.

Parker and Malkemus.

Parker and Malkemus.

Today, the global footwear market is worth about $200 billion dollars, so it is amazing that Malkemus is willing to take a risk on Parker when so many celebrity diffusion lines tend to not make it. But the customer is definitely guaranteed quality and a shoe that is SJP approved. According to Malkemus, Parker tries on each shoe style and even takes a mini stroll, to ensure their comfort and wear. Check it out!



By: Alessandra Trifero

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