Hola Backpacks!!

It seems that wearing a bag is not cool anymore. Givenchy and Chanel had launched a new backpack collection and it has been very successful.We can say that this is a new chapter of the ´´sport revolution´´after the sneaker fever. During the fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York it was very common to see people wearing backpacks, but of course they were Chanel or Givenchy.Imagen 1

This backpack in the picture is the star of the ´´Graffiti´´ collection done by Chanel. In the Coletter store in Paris it was sold out after a few hours, do you want to know the reason why?, Miley Cirus, Bianca-May Jagger, Jessica Alba and Emma Stone have shown their love for this back pack in many occasions.

The good thing about  backpacks is that they are definitely very comfortable, you just put them on and you are ready to walk around the city. But like always this new tendency can open a new debate, why is Chanel launching and supporting the ´´sporty look´´, as we know the fashion house is known for their classic look and elegance, but fashion is always open to new things, so why not walking around with your nice suit and in your back wearing a nice Chanel backpack?.

Manuela Morales López

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