Bag Snob Bloggers Launch “Snob Essentials” Handbag Line

Craig and Cook of "Bag Snob"

Craig and Cook of “Bag Snob”

Fashion bloggers, Tina Craig and Kelly Cook – also known as, “Bag Snob” have just announced the launch of their handbag line. Craig and Cook are the founders and Chief Editors of their website Snob Essentials, which includes other blogs such as “Beauty Snob”, “Couture Snob”, “Jewel Snob”, etc.

The debut line, entitled “Snob Essentials” will release its Spring 2014 collection on May 15th on TV’s Home Shopping Network. All bags will be vegan leather with custom-made hardware. The handbags are meant to be affordable with prices ranging from $68 – $108.

Preview of the Spring 2014 collection

Preview of the Spring 2014 collection

The Spring 2014 line will exclusively be sold in the U.S., eventually branching out to other retailers for the Fall 2014 collection. The Spring collection will include styles such as the cross body, tote, and backpack while the Fall collection will include a magazine tote, circle bag, and shoulder bag, to name a few.

According to Craig, “we see thousands and thousands of bags every month because that’s our business. With this line, we’re not trying to compete with Givenchy or Chanel or even Rebecca Minkoff. We want to be a great value to the 99.99 percent of women who shop at Zara or Forever 21, but those bags are now $150 dollars. We want to offer something to women for a great price.”

By: Julianne Bagley


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