Business Casual?

This week I had the chance to visit the City that never sleeps, New York City. But this trip wasn’t a holiday trip to do some shopping – well that as well partly – but a trip with my university so meet up with some ad agencies. So before we could even take off we got some instructions og what kind of clothes to pack: Business Casual/ Smat Dress.


Well, Business Casual can be a lot of things and I quite frankly had no idea what to pack. Luckily enough I wasn’t the only one who seemed to have problems defining business casual. Some people wore jeans with a blouse, some wore jeans with a top, some  wore a dress, some  wore heels, some boots and some flats. I decided to go with black pants a blouse and of course flats, as I figures New York is quite a big city to run around in heels in.

Thank god that seemed to be a good combination, as most people went for the blouse pants combi. However, the guys chose an entirely different strategy of dress: suits. But who now thinks they stuck to the smart suit is wrong because every day further into the trip ties were thrown out, or the suit was exchanged for a blazer. Very sneaky I have to admit.


The people at the ad agencies scratched the word business entirely and went more for a casual style, but I guess that is just fine for the creative people, which is why I can’t wait to get started in the business!


Maria Freundlieb

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