Tory Burch and the Womenpreneurs of America


As most entrepreneurs know, starting a business is no small feat. Many people simply don’t have the extra capital they need to fund a self-made launch, and even if they did, so much is needed to fuel a successful company.

That’s where the Tory Burch Foundation comes in.

Tory Burch may be known for outfitting women of America with her signature “preppy-boho” flats and handbags, but she also offers American women something more valuable: the opportunity to start their own business. In 2009, the designer/entrepreneur founded the Tory Burch Foundation (TBF), an initiative that provides female entrepreneurs the guidance they need to be successful business owners.


Through small business loans, mentoring programs, and entrepreneurial education, the Foundation supports the economic empowerment of female entrepreneurs and their families. With a focus on American women, TBF creates opportunities for homegrown, female-owned businesses to thrive. The Foundation’s mentorship program matches business experts with entrepreneurs for coaching or advice, as well as networking events to make way for peer collaborations. While most of the program participants seem to come from the mid to upper class backgrounds, the Foundation mentions that their partnership with Women’s Initiative for Self Employment helps to support low-income women with high potential for success.

Burch, a socialite, may not have the same narrative as the average female entrepreneur, but it is positive to see that she takes her role as a philanthropist seriously.

In addition to her efforts with the Foundation, her website also lists a number of organizations that her company supports through donations and corporate events, and employee participation. A number of the organizations are focused on women and children.

To learn more about the Tory Burch Foundation, check out

By: Ruby Veridiano


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