Made In Green

So I FINALLY decided to go to the new Beaugrenelle shopping center in the 15th Arrondissement this week, and after going a little bonkers in Marks & Spencer, I made my way to the main portion of the mall to check out the stores and see what clothing was on display. I spent more time perusing than actually shopping, but it was a label that I saw on a pair of shoes in MANGO that really caught my attention.

Made in Green Label in Mango

Made in Green Label in Mango

“Made in Green? Qu’est-ce que c’est?” I thought to myself. Not that I claim to be any sort of expert in Sustainable Fashion, but I was quite curious that I had never heard of this before so naturally, I decided to investigate.

According to the website, “Made in Green” is a label that guarantees that throughout the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to point of sale, the product has been manufactured and handled by companies that respect the environment and universal worker’s rights. Created by AITEX Textile Technology Institute in Spain and now licensed by two other institutes in the UK and Belgium, this uniquely European certification provides an ECO seal of approval for socially conscious shoppers.

The interesting fact about this process is when companies apply for “Made in Green” certification, they must guarantee their first and second level suppliers are also in compliance with the rules set forth by AITEX. This limits the abilities of companies to essentially “greenwash – the practice of promoting an environmentally friendly image, when the contrary is actually true – rather than implement systematic change within their supply chains.

One day, sustainability will be implicit in all production process, but until then, “made in Green” is a pioneering initiative in the worldwide textile industry. –Made in Green Website

H&M and Levis Strauss are are few brands showing that Fast Fashion can be more sustainable – both were recently acknowledged on the World’s Most Ethical Company List – so it’s nice to see that other brands are following suit. In fact, MANGO seems to have taken it further. According to CENTEXBEL – the aforementioned Belgian Institute – MANGO is the first big international clothing brand with seats in the five continents to obtain the “made in green” certificate for all its articles.



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