Like a fish in the sea

The French fashion label Kenzo blended social media and awareness with ecommerce in a Parisian pop-up store opened no longer then 6 days. From March 21st to March 27th, Kenzo allowed its customers to shop the collection NoFishNoNothing created to support the Blue Marine Foundation, an environmental conversation organization.



The pop-up store was transformed into a digital aquarium with touch screens that allowed consumers to browse through the collection and buy the products as well as learn more about the cause. Once an order was completed, a fish was added to the digital tank. The aquarium lost fishes to illustrate the amount of marine species which are threatened by extinction each day.



By spreading the message on social networks and adding a social media component , consumers could take photos of the store and post it to their Instagram account with the hashtag #NoFishNoNothing. Each customer who would share this on their Instagram account saw their name added to a fish in the aquarium.



The social media component of Kenzo’s pop-up store invites interaction, since consumers will want to see their name on the wall. Moreover, by creating a physical store for this campaign, Kenzo wanted to draw more attention to the cause that it had chosen.

Other fashion brands are using similar techniques to increase their social awareness. Marc Jacobs is a good example of this as he built a social media community around his Daisy fragrance lovers. During New York Fashion Week Marc Jacobs opened a pop-up store inviting people to share pictures of the store on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram along with a hashtag in exchange of the fragrance.


By: Anne-Sophie Bach

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