Ukrainian Fashion Against War

In the midst of unrest, the struggling country of Ukraine went ahead nonetheless with its Fall Winter 2014 Fashion Week to the surprise of many. Under the looming shadow of Russian occupation, courageous designers gathered and took the opportunity to express their sentiments and raise awareness of their country’s tumultuous situation.

As the models strode down the runway with the seriousness of marching soldiers, the catwalk adorned with metal fencing, the men and women ended their walks by falling to the ground, as if being shot to the floor.

This shocking representation of Ukraine’s current situation, reverberating through every aspect of the country’s Fashion Week, was a brave response to the political events that have taken place in the country over the past six months. “Fashion against war”as the effort named itself, found a spectacular way to shine through the cracks of political turmoil. Sweatshirts and various other garments with the words “Stop regime”were sported by countless fashion week attendees and the video below was created to mediatize the endeavor:

“We would never stand aside because of the events happening in our country,” said Vyshnevska, the founder of Ukraine Fashion Week. “Ukrainian fashion designers, through a very difficult time, have managed to produce their autumn/winter 2014 collections. For them and for all representatives of fashion in this country, it was our duty to carry on.”

This country, who’s fashion industry is relatively new, has already been acclaimed for its designs that are refreshingly in touch with Ukrainian tradition. Their creations have been described as having a fresh view on fashion, since trends are indeed not dictated by fashion capitals, but rather by national pride and personal creativity.

Let’s hope this deed can help not only to support Ukraine in its egagement against war, but also nourish the growth of the country’s fashion industry!

By Carla


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