Perfume | From Bottle to Model

I really love looking at fashion advertisements. Being able to see the clothes, accessories, shoes, etc in a different light and full of life is fun. The models always seem to intrigue me with their poses too. They can look disinterested, too focused on striking the right pose, or just lost in the photo. For perfume ads, I have often noticed the models looking like their perfume bottle counterparts.

Now I am not saying the models look like glass bottles with harsh edges and strict lines, but really look at the bottle decoration, colors, and shape. Then take a look at the model. Does the dress, makeup, posture resemble the bottle in some way?

It can be a little weird or frightening to know that someone or a team of people worked on every last inch of these ads. Nothing is done by accident or mistake, there is always a reason behind every color and pose. Take a look at some of the most recent ads and see what you think 🙂

Kristen Stewart for 'Rosabotanica' Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart for ‘Rosabotanica’ Balenciaga

Charlize Theron for 'J'Adore' Dior

Charlize Theron for ‘J’Adore’ Dior

Jarrod Scott for 'Le Male' Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jarrod Scott for ‘Le Male’ Jean-Paul Gaultier

— Eloisa Puentes

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