Supermodel, Superwoman: Christy Turlington as the Founder of “Every Mother Counts”


There is more to Christy Turlington’s beauty than meets the eye. Known all over the world for her career as a supermodel, not many know that Turlington is also a bit of a superwoman. Going beyond the glitz and glamour, she can often be found traveling to rural villages around the world championing her work as a maternal health advocate.

As the founder of an organization called “Every Mother Counts”, Turlington has a mission to “increase public awareness and support for improved maternal and child health”. The organization is dedicated to eliminating preventable maternal mortality caused by unsafe child birthing methods and the lack of proper health care in impoverished communities.

To date, Turlington and Every Mother Counts has provided grants to help develop health care programs and clinics for mothers in Indonesia, Rural Malawi, Haiti, Central Florida, Uganda, and South Sudan.

Turlington’s activism and passion to help bring well-being to women and girls around the world is an inspiring mission. It is my hope that these are the kinds of (role) models that the world looks to for inspiration. In an industry that often values the superficial, it is refreshing to find exceptional women in fashion like Turlington who live with purpose and a sense of compassion for others.

To learn more about Every Mother Counts, click here. 

By: Ruby Veridiano

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