The Destruction of Fashion for Art’s Sake

Lernert & Sander

Lernert & Sander

Amsterdam-based artists, Lernert and Sander, have shocked the fashion world with their latest project involving the destruction or really – unraveling of luxury designer sweaters. The designers include Celine, Prada, Chloe, and Jil Sander.

The art project was originally created for Europe’s biggest art festival, the Maastricht’s TEFAF Art Fair. The artists deconstructed the 1,000 – 1,500 euro sweaters until they were merely balls of wool. The pieces were also created to set up shop at Maastricht boutique, Kiki Niesten. To accompany the project, the duo created a video of their deconstruction of the sweaters, entitled “Last Season”, which was also commissioned by Kiki Niesten.

Lernert and Sander are selling the balls of wool for an undisclosed price, but fear not – you can purchase photos of the pre and post unraveled sweaters for 700 euro.

Celine unraveled sweater

Celine unraveled sweater

Celine, Prada, Chloe, and Jil Sander unraveled sweaters

Celine, Prada, Chloe, and Jil Sander unraveled sweaters

When asked if they felt like they were committing a fashion sin by doing this, the duo responded that “at the start it felt like [they] did something wrong. But after a few hours [they] really got into it, when the unraveled pieces slowly became these beautiful balls of yarn.”

The use of deconstructing fashion for the purpose of art is nothing new. This project reminds me of photographer Tyler Shields’ 2012 controversial photographs of Christian Louboutin heels and Louis Vuitton and Hermes Birkin handbags on fire, ripped, and utterly destroyed. What do you think? Would you spend money on these destroyed “fashion as art” pieces or save your money for the actual fashion item?

Tyler Shields - Louboutin's  on fire

Tyler Shields – Louboutin’s on fire

Tyler Shields - destroyed Birkin

Tyler Shields – destroyed Birkin

By: Julianne Bagley

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