Luxottica Partners with Google Glass to Create Fashion Forward Frames

Google is hooking up with eyewear giant, Luxottica, to make their tech-advanced Google Glass more accessible and fashion forward than their previous designs. In January, Google released a line of frames that were more wearable than the futuristic designs of the past. This new partnership could prove to be a very smart decision.

Diane Von Furstenberg wears a previous version of Google Glass. | Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty

Diane Von Furstenberg wears an older version of Google Glass. | Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty

Google will still be offering the titanium frames it designed in-house for participants in its Explorer Program, where consumers can purchase Google Glass while it’s still in development. Luxottica brings big names to the table including Oliver Peoples, Prada, Ray-Ban and Oakley. In a statement on Monday, Google announced they will be partnering with Ray-Ban and Oakley first thing. Who doesn’t want to look chic in a pair of aviators or wayfarers as they surf the web, while simultaneously walk down the street?

An older version of Google Glass | Photo: Google

An older version of Google Glass | Photo: Google

Luxottica will be responsible for manufacturing and distributing the glasses through optical stores, kiosks and other sales outlets. This is a big deal for Google because Luxottica controls a large majority of the eyewear market. It will allow the frames and Glass to become more accessible and available to the public.

The partnership could do a lot to make Google Glass popular. Not only will the Glass become more fashionable, but also more exposure will lead to more purchases and visibility within the market.

According to Google, the price-point, places to buy and release date will be released when the glasses are publicly available.

I’ve actually tried these on and tested them out from a friend who has a pair. It is as if you are looking at a “see-through” version of your cell phone screen in the upper corner of your eye. I said “take a photo,” and magically a snap of what I was looking at appeared in my vision. I’m not sure if this is a good idea for the mass population to all be walking about with technological capabilities even closer than they already are. With people getting into car accidents and tripping over things due to staring at their phones, what could happen if the internet was in our visual path, at all times? I’m curious to see, if Glass becomes really popular, if any legal action will be put into place to ensure the safety of those wearing the Glass and those around them.

Do you think Google Glass will take off?

By Alexa Pizzi

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