Video Fashion Week

For the past few seasons, has been featuring concept videos on their website created by up-and-coming designers who often do not have enough money to spend on a runway show at one of the major fashion weeks. Video Fashion Week allows designers to showcase their collection in a creative, often quirky way that – when it goes viral – can reach millions of people.

One of my favorite designers to come out of Video Fashion Week is Rachel Antonoff.

Much like her collections, Antonoff’s videos are equally charming and quirky. The ready-to-wear designer creates looks that combine girlish charm with just the slightest hipster edge.

The New York based fashion designer has been creating collections since 2010 but her notoriety has certainly been propelled in the last three seasons by her fashion videos.

Her Spring 2014 collection video, Crush, chronicles the story of how her parents first met and highlights her youthful collection in a college environment. The Fall 2014 video, released on Friday, is another success. Implementing Wes Anderson like style, the videos tell a cohesive story that can sometimes be missing from other fashion collections.

It certainly helps that Rachel has surrounded herself with a high caliber of creative friends. Her brother, Jack, is the lead guitarist of the band Fun. and has provided the music for both of the videos. Actresses Gillian Jacobs (Community), Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreations), Mae Whitman (Parenthood) and Jenny Slate (Saturday Night Live) also lend their talents to the videos.


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