Eco-Ethical Fashion: Rags 2 Riches


One of my most memorable discoveries while living in the Philippines was the eco-ethical handbag company called Rags 2 Riches.


Based in Manila, Philippines, Rags 2 Riches creates beautiful handbags made with upcycled scrap cloth, organic and indigenous materials, and produced by local female artisans living in disadvantaged communities. By employing local female artisans through fair trade labor, the company is able to preserve local craftsmanship while providing women vital training in finance, health, and additional skills so that they can advance their potential to achieve long-term professional and personal well-being.


Besides the fact that they are socially responsible, their products are fashionable and chic too. The bags are bright and colorful, and made with trademark Philippine prints and weaving techniques. It’s the perfect summer handbag and beach companion.


When I attended the Rags 2 Riches fashion show a few years ago, what I found most commendable is that the brand equally recognizes the founders, the designers, and the team of local artisans. All groups are invited to the stage to take credit for producing the season’s collection, and are equally congratulated. Knowing how compassionately they run their business makes me appreciate their work that much more.


While I don’t own a Rags 2 Riches bag (yet!), I know that when I finally do get one, the story behind it will make it that much more special.

To find out more about Rags 2 Riches, click here. 

By: Ruby Veridiano

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