Eat well, save water, and impress Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood: celebrated designer, fashion icon, and self-described eco warrior. As an advocate of animal rights, the Dame partnered with PETA to create the following video. Addressing the meat industry’s negative effect on the environment and vast consumption of water, this cheeky campaign is nothing but adorable.

If you’re keen to save both water and animals like Westwood and myself without compromising your taste buds, check out the following restaurants in Paris. All are vegetarian with plenty of vegan options. Guilt free, responsible, delicious.


(image via Cafe Pinson)

Cafe Pinson: Now with two locations, this all organic vegetarian cafe never disappoints. Located in the north Marais and in 10th arrondissement, both cafes are cute and cozy. Good any time of the day you want a healthy meal and a fresh juice as they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sunday brunch at the Marais location is especially great, come for good people watching and an even better meal. visit for more info.


(image via Bob’s Kitchen)


Bob’s Kitchen: Bob’s is another great option for healthy food and fresh drinks, with a very relaxed atmosphere. Both the service and the customers are all very chill, so come sit down for a while and enjoy a cold pressed juice. Bob’s has spread it’s organic wings and now offers a juice bar in the 10th and a bakery in the 18th, with the original restaurant in the 3rd. From personal experience, a plate of their wonderful veggie stew and a juice of fresh kale, lemon, cucumber, and ginger can cure even the gravest of hangovers. visit for more info.


(image via ParisVegan)

Tien Hang: This is hands down my favorite restaurant in Paris. It is not extremely appealing upon first glance, but everything they lack in decor they make up for in flavor and great value. The vast and mostly vegan menu covers most of East Asia, and with such a large menu there is certainly an item for everyone. While everything on the menu is amazing, their soups are particularly delicious– and for seven to eight euros for a giant bowl of happiness, who could complain? Recently the restaurant has been getting very busy so if you can’t find a spot at one of the communal tables, take it to go and enjoy it along the canal, as it is just a hop skip and a jump north of Canal St. Martin. visit for more info.


(image via Soya)

Soya: Not the cheapest vegetarian option in Paris, but certainly one of the most beautiful. Soya offers an intimate and trendy atmosphere along with their delicious, bio cuisine. Located in the 10th, it has long wooden tables with an industrial vibe are accompanied with expansive windows and romantic candles, providing a beautiful ambiance. The food is delicious and well prepared, most notable being their Sunday brunch. For about 30 euros you have fresh juice, coffee, and a incredibly fresh buffet of cold and hot variety. visit



Raye Kreidel

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