1.618 Sustainable Luxury

Remember last week I was supposed to write a post on 1.618 Sustainable Luxury? However the passing of  L’Wren Scott was for me more important to write about.


1.618 is organizing in partnership with the Town Hall of the 3rd arrondissement and the Carreau du Temple an outdoor festival dedicated to sustainable development. There will be a contemporary art exhibition, bio food trucks (that was enough said to count me in!), and conferences.  Programmed at the end of the Sustainable Development Week which is held every year, 1.618 Sustainable Luxury highlights the actors of another kind of luxury.

Starting April 4th and finishing on the 6th, 1.618 redefines the codes and rules of luxury in the twenty first century.

Sustainable development has never been as important as today. As it is a difficult subject to pin down since it encompasses so many different things. Due to the complexity of this subject, it’s important to look at the importance of sustainable development and we as fashion students it is important to look  at how we can build a better future in our own field.


Since 2009, 1.618 Sustainable Luxury has for goal to demonstrate that luxury in Sustainable Development is not only a source of creation but also a  laboratory of ideas and produces new initiatives for the future.



Written by Anne-Sophie Bach


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