Clone Wars – The rise of Mini-Me

Let’s be honest here: Don’t you think childhood is completely overrated? Don’t you think it is completely embarrassing when children look like children and wear actual clothes for children? I mean isn’t it so much nicer when they look like mini adults and the perfect representations of their parents? After all that has already been the case in the middle age when children skipped the whole childhood phase and went straight to being adults. But that had different reasons because right from the moment when children could speak and walk they were expected to learn everything that was important in life. Seemingly that is exactly the case now with the difference that what seems to be important in life is wearing the right kinds of fashion.


Suri Cruise wearing High Heels

In my opinion this regression towards middle age standards of fashion is not only wrong but actually scary because children should always to allowed to be children. Well, Hollywood obviously has a different opinion on that as more and more stars just love to dress up their children in not so child friendly clothes, because after all these children still belong to the brand “Brangelina” or “Cruise” and wouldn’t it be so embarrassing if they wouldn’t wear the most fashionable designer clothes?




Rapper The Game with mini The Game & Brad Pitt with his mini me

Well, I personally think that the only ones who are really concerned with whether or not the little toddler looks fashionable enough are the parents, because seriously I doubt that these children care whether or not they mix the right colors and styles. I think the only thing the kids care about is having fun and playing with their friends on the playground and I doubt that an Armani designer suit for children or skinny jeans are the right and most comfortable fashions to do that and to be what they are: children and no mini adults.

I for my part might not have been the most fashionable toddler in the world, while wearing 100 different colors of Oilily, but I actually didn’t care back then. Or do I look like I cared?


My new puppy and me (and yes I did wear these leggings)

Maria Freundlieb

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