Rêve en vert: Sustainable High Fashion


One of the highlights about attending American University of Paris is its ability to connect you with people across the entire globe. During my undergrad years I had the pleasure of meeting Cora Hilts through a mutual friend. It was not until recently that I discovered the success of her website rêve en vert, co-founded with Natasha Tucker based in the UK. Rêve en vert is an online shop which carries a variety of independent designers who share a strong desire to create beautiful clothing while respecting the standards of ethical and sustainable fashion.

The fabulous Cora was kind enough to answer some of the questions I had about rêve en vert.Image

Q: Where did the vision of rêve en vert come from and why were you inspired to create something based on ethical values?

The vision for rêve en vert was born in Paris, then really grew when I moved to London to get my Master’s degree in Environmental Politics.  I wanted to create a viable business that had ethics at it’s core-we live in a time of so many environmental and humanitarian issues…I felt rêve was a tangible way for me to do my part in addressing these.

Q: What is the relationship between the rêve en vert store and the online website?

The rêve en vert studio is our little hub in East London, and Natasha and I love having a physical space to share with our customers here.

Q: What are some of the key characteristics that you look for when selecting a new designer or brand?

Aesthetic always has to come first-we are trying to change the perception of sustainable fashion and those clichés that exist around it so this will always be foremost in our selection process. Then we judge our designers based on four pillars of sustainability that Natasha and I have created for rêve-independent, local, ethical and sustainable. Most of our designers check all of these boxes, but we are trying to be open to making some allowances for emerging designers who have to work hard on making their collections ethically sound. We personally know all of designers at this point, and to have a conversation with any of them would bind you to their commitment to sustainable future of fashion-I really relish this intimacy and feel confident to have them all as part of the rêve community.


Q: Do you plan to push rêve en vert beyond just a retail company, and if so what types of other projects would it, or has it been involved with?

We see rêve en vert as a lifestyle, and one that we already honing.  We would love to partner with other brands to do small capsule collections, and we are in the midst of designing our very own organic basics line, due to launch in the fall. This is especially exciting to me as I’m really keen to start doing a bit more design within rêve itself-expanding upon our own aesthetic.

Q: Where would you like to see rêve en vert in 5 years?

I want to have an international online presence, and several concept stores worldwide.  Natasha and I love the creativity and scope that will come with making rêve en vert really successful, and we hope to use it as a vehicle for driving change in so many facets.  Menswear, children’s clothing, furniture and beauty can all fall under the scope of rêve and we’re organizing that “five year plan” as we speak.

Q: What is one of your favorite pieces in the store at the moment?

The Sway cropped and studded leather jacket-I love wearing leather jackets year round, and one thing about London’s slightly dreary weather is it allows me to do so.  The Sway uses all up-cycled leathers that would otherwise go to waste, and naturally dyes them using vegetable tanning processes. You can be rock a bit rock n’ roll with this jacket, I throw it over everything.


Please visit http://www.revenvert.com/index.html for more information !

By Camille Riviere

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