More of the Same

San Francisco based clothing company, Betabrand has done the unthinkable; modeling their Spring 2014 collection is – get this – real women! And not just any real women, Betabrand has employed the super smart variety! 15 PhD and doctoral candidates have been selected from a pool of 80 eligible women who applied to be the face of the latest business casual designs.

Brand founder, Chris Lindland stated, “our designers cooked up a collection of smart fashions for spring, so why not display them on the bodies of women with really big brains?”


Notice Lindland only wants women with “big brains” not, big bodies.

There is something to be said about cutting out the middlemodel and showing the clothes on “real women” but, what Betabrand has failed to do is break away from the archetype of what has been deemed, “pretty.” All of the women involved in this campaign are thin and young with nice skin; the only difference between these models and the professionals is the number of degrees they have achieved.

The statement being made, is of course, “Look! Women can be pretty and smart!” But, it seems to me, that regardless of the size of your brain, for the fashion industry, it is still the size of your waste that makes the grade. 

Betabrand  is known for its business casual designs that put an emphasis on the casual aspect. In the past they have created such spectacular designs as the dress sweatpants and the executive hoodie for men.

-Grace Aucella

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