Karl’s New Language.

About a month ago it was Harpers Bazaar launching their emoji line and now it is someone else’s turn.  So if you are ever at a loss for words smart phone users can now turn to no other than Karl Lagerfeld for help in getting their point across. Now you can Karl-ify your text messages to your friends! Karl isn’t one to ever play by the rules and to help launch his new men’s and women’s fragrance line he has developed an app with over 25 emoticons and was just recently released.  The emoticons include the famous side silhouette with the ponytail and sunglasses, the leather-gloved hands and of course we cannot forget his cat, Choupette. The app is called emotiKarl and is free (most likely the cheapest thing we’ll ever see from Karl) to download via the iTunes store.  I downloaded it this morning and am having some fun already!

Some emoji's.

Some emoji’s.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.02.01 PM

my favorite!

my favorite!

Although this isn’t Karl’s first fragrance under his own name, it is getting a lot of media attention. According to Elle magazine, Karl Lagerfeld has always believed that “it’s important for a brand to have its own signature perfume. A fragrance is as important as a piece of clothing.” So it was only a matter of time before a fragrance was launched. He later added to Elle that “perfume is like fashion for the nose.”  Below is a little film take from Elle.com.

Alexandra Swies

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