Lorde collaborates with MAC Cosmetics

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Lorde, the revolutionary artist of 2013 who is increasingly being spoken of in our new year, has given rise to an appreciation of Gothic aesthetic, mixed with a hint of grunge. It is the precise combination of her sweet voice and relatively aggressive looks that has made her an “anti pop star” idol. It is her particularly risky aesthetic whose originality has earned her such great and rapid success.

This specific look of hers has resulted in a collaboration with the American makeup brand MAC, of which she claims to be a loyal user. She related that she has been wearing MAC Cosmetics from a young age. At the age of 14, she confessed to having saved up to purchase her very first MAC lipstick; her whole group of friends used it!

The relationship between the young talent and the cosmetics brand has developed to the point that Amber D, Senior Artist of M · A · C , is responsible for Lorde’s image in key moments of her career such as in the latest Grammy Awards as well as the look of her entire music tour.

Her look: burgundy lips, an extremely fair complexion, prominent and distinct eyebrows. This is the aesthetic that materialized into her first collection with MAC Cosmetics.

The 17 year old New Zealander has shown her appreciation for this new professional alliance. “M · A · C has a very clear aesthetic. In my opinion it has always been a leader in fashion. I am delighted to undertake this collaboration. A collection that, like me, I hope others will wear day and night “said Lorde.

So what do you think about this collaboration? I am not a great fan of the dark lip but this could be interesting…

By Carla


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