Look at that Ass…it’s presidential

“Usually I look really hot in jeans” that’s what Obama said in a talk show last week about his appearance in jeans and I must say very self-confident that man. But why did he say that anyways?


Well, I have to admit Obama did not just make a statement on his “behind” for no reason. The story goes back four years ago when Obama was opening a baseball game and he wore some rather loose and hanging pants that didn’t make him look at its very best. So as we know the fellow people from the press and talk show masters they loved it and made a lot of fun of the poor man. But he got the lesson and started wearing more fashionable jeans.


So when he gave  a radio interview last week and they crossed the fashion topic again he jokingly said that he had gotten pretty beaten up for his jeans fauxpas and will now only look better fitting jeans that truly make his “behind” look sexy. He even said that his two teen daughters also agreed on his fashion style and we have to admit out of a mouth from a teenager this is a big compliment. We better watch out what this fashionable president is wearing in the future and maybe he will even make the loose-fitting jeans a trend again.

Barack Obama, Sasha Obama, Malia Obama

Maria Freundlieb

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