Yeah it’s about shoes

I was quite surprised when I watched TV last week and a new commercial for Reebok sneakers was shown on TV. No let me rephrase that I was quite surprised that the commercial I was watching was a shoe commercial.

Although we all know that it is getting harder for marketers to get people’s attention during the 10 minute commercial breaks I was once again astonished that a lingerie model was chosen for an ad for sneakers rather than bras, because let’s be honest here you would expect people doing sports in commercials like that. Or wouldn’t you?

Reebok seemingly thought differently about that as their main thought must have been “naked woman= a lot of shoes sold”. Well have a look yourself and decide whether that will be case.

Thinking about the ad I do think that this ad works as the main message “these shoes are comfy” is definitely delivered to us consumers. Not only that but also do we women want to believe that if we wear the sneakers the body comes as an extra. So okay this time I guess the use of lesser clothes will be working.

But still looking at another recent commercial from Reebok they chose a more traditional way to market their shows, by showing people actually wearing them. I know very confusing in today’s ad world that products are actually used for what they are meant to be, but here they dared to do exactly that

Which still leaves us with the question: Do we really need a naked Miranda Kerr to sell sneakers? Or would dressed people will actually do the trick as well?


Maria Freundlieb


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