The Post-Exhibition in Milan – who is Remi Parignaux?

For this week’s blog beat on arts, culture, and fashion I wanted to cover an exhibition I saw featured in the Business of Fashion. The article describes a two day show about to open in Milan’s Renaissance church Ex Chiesa di San Carpoforo. The exhibition is called Post-Exhibition and is organized (curated? Does that apply here?) by a man named Remi Parignaux, a London-based fashion art director and founder of the digital agency Postmatter. Apparantly his company works with clients such as Stella McCartney and Gucci in what concerns editorial content for digital environments, as opposed to print media.

The exhibition Post-Exhibition is meant to do this same thing in an interactive, live platform. It will take place March 13th and last the remainder of the weekend. The church has been equipped with high-definition screens, infrared sensors, motion-tracking technology etc and, to quote the BoF, “the exhibition consists of moving image that will respond in real time to the presence and actions of the audience”. I do not know quite what this means no matter how many times I read it, which surprises me coming from an Art History background I am used to abstract curatorial texts. Furthermore, it describes the show as having three themes – Echo – Ripple – and Gravity, each a different experience. Bu thats all it says. Because then it goes on to describe Parignaux’s intentions of uprooting the way things are in fashion and editorial ring and perpetrating among high-exec fashion types the use of digital media. Digital media is referred to as the new gospel, no doubt a play on the fact that the exhibition is in a church.

POST Exhibition_01

While originally I wanted to cover an exhibition, I think what I am now writing about it the difficulties in taking fashion content and intending to capture it on more traditional cultural formatting. I do not understand what this exhibition is about or how the experience is meant to play out. I have googled it elsewhere on the web and come up with nothing at all. The teaser video (here:  describes the intention of the show to allow audience members to engage with screens of digital content…a response to “the increasingly seamless mingling of our digital lives and physical lives, experienced in a unique space where art, fashion, and technology collide”. My question is, who are the supposed viewers when there is no information regarding the show? Are we not in contact digital content every waking moment of the day? What does this have to do with echoes, ripples, gravity? What are they trying to sell exactly because clearly its not the exhibition for culture’s sake. The whole thing seems to lack transparency and I now have the sinking feeling that it is really a promotional action for Postmatter in the guise of a cultural flash-exhibition.

Amanda Timerman

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