20 Strangers share “First Kiss” in Viral Video for Fashion

If you’ve perused the Internet at all during the past few days, then I’m positive you’ve come across this video. “First Kiss” is a short film by Tatia Plleva, illustrating 20 strangers who are kissing for the first time. Since Monday afternoon, the YouTube video has amassed almost 37,000,000 views, which is an incredible amount of exposure for a fashion film.

Melissa Coker, founder and creative director of Wren, launched this short film on Style.com for their video fashion week. Coker wanted to avoid making the film feel like a commercial. She wanted the film to be touching to people and not just for people who are interested in fashion.

Coker has worked with Tavi Gevinson and Gia Coppola on previous films, females that inspire her. The film’s 20 kissers are all people from her friend group. Some are models or musicians, others are ordinary people and people she works with at Wren.

According to an interview with Fashionista.com, the overwhelming response to the film is what is so important to Coker.

“The most exciting thing is the comments I’ve heard, like people saying they watch it over and over, that this renewed their belief in love, it’s heartwarming. Soko, the musician who appeared in the film and whose song ‘We Might be Dead Tomorrow’ plays during it, apparently sold a million copies today on iTunes,” said Coker.

While the focus may not be on Wren’s clothing, the film, “First Kiss,” highlights the importance of fashion film as a tool for marketing and public relations in the fashion industry. Companies are continuously working to be innovative and film is a great example of how to differentiate themselves from other brands in an effort to be competitive.

You can view looks from the film, such as the leopard dress below, and purchase them on shop.wrenstudio.com.

Screenshot from video

Screenshot from video

If you aren’t one of the 37,000,000 people that have watched this video, take a look below.

By Alexa Pizzi

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