Hooray for Headbands

Lupita Nyong’o accepted her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress wearing a light blue Prada gown and a headband.

Her toned arms juxtaposed the airy skirt incredibly well while her beautiful chocolate skin served as the perfect backdrop to the sky-blue silk.

Nyong’o – a red-carpet-rookie – took awards season by storm this year, impressing fashion editors, stylists and Ryan Seacrest alike with her bold use of color and fashion risks.

But what does Nyong’o’s winning look mean for the casual home viewer? For me, it means, “Oh great! I can wear headbands with formalwear now!”

If your hair type is anything like mine (instantly frizzy at the slightest threat of humidity) you take any precautions necessary to prevent your hair from making you look like the spawn of Medusa. Over time, I have perfected my frizz-reducing techniques – running into an assortment of ill-conceived bandanas, baseball hats and head scarves along the way. I have also, of course, developed a firm relationship with hairspray after years of ballet classes and proud Baltimore roots.

But the most reliable accessory has always been the headband. I love a little color in my life and headbands, I have found, are the perfect medium to inject a little oomph into an outfit while still serving a very practical purpose.

Lupita’s gold and diamond halo was crafted by designer Fred Leighton and added the perfect amount of dazzle to her fresh and ethereal winning look.

-Grace Aucella

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