Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet

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For this blog post I decided to concentrate on another of my great passions in life, food. When it comes to eating out, it is not only the food itself that counts. Other factors enter into the picture.When we eat out we principally and quite evidently want to enjoy the food being served to us, but the service and atmosphere contribute to the whole and are what set apart a good from a bad dining experience.

While chatting to a friend upon her return from Shanghai, listening to her recount her amazing experience in the Chinese city, I watched her pull out a little brochure from her purse with an expression of utter excitement. That’s when she began describing what seemed to be the ultimate dining experience…

The name of this seemingly fantastic restaurant is Ultraviolet. The concept was created by the French Chef Paul Pairet and is based on a fully immersive dining experience. What this concept does is to offer an innovative and experimental culinary  journey. By uniting food with multi-sensorial technologies, this restaurant engages all of your senses…

The experience includes light, projections, sound, music, scent, air flow, and temperature as core ingredients of the menu. “Ultraviolet’s concept is rooted in the need to control the relevance of the random ambiance factor in order to further enhance the dining experience.”

The location of this restaurant is unknown, and guests (only 10 guests per night) are escorted to the venue in special cars with fully tinted windows. Once the guests arrive they are seated in an entirely white room: white table, white chairs, white walls. Projections begin to appear on the walls of this rectangular room and guests are suddenly three-dimentionally transported into a new space (London, Paris, the Amazon) depending on the food being served. These projections do not only appear on the walls but on the table (and plates) as well. These are accompanied by sound, music, scents and more…

Quite the experience right?

I hope Mr. Pairet decides to return to his motherland and share this unique concept with food enthusiasts like myself…here in Paris!

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By Carla

Image credits: http://uvbypp.cc

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