The World Through…

On Friday of Paris Fashion Week, Issey Miyake definitely claimed his spot on the legendary fashion calendar.  The show was situated in the Jardin des Tuileries in a large pitched tent.  I arrived with my two friends about a half hour early and waited outside for a while… invitation in hand!  Right when you entered the Tuileries, photographers whipped out their cameras and snapped away.  It was fun to stand and pose!


We had to wait  before we were allowed inside, however it was very mesmerizing to look at everyone’s outfits.  Many men and women were dressed outrageously! Bright colors, funky hair shoes, and crazy patterns put together…I definitely saw it all.  One of the COOLEST and most memorable parts was when I spotted Bill Cunningham! I grabbed my friends arm and shrieked a little.  He was adorable and carrying his camera bag snapping photos every inch he walked.  It was funny to watch because he was taking photos of everyone, while everyone was taking photos of him.   He even took a photo of my friends and I!!

Anyway, finally were let into the show and the atmosphere was incredible.  Hundreds of people were seating and standing. Photographers at the end of the runway…camera’s ready. I spotted Diane Pernet and Suzy Menkes from across the aisle.  The show had live music, which corresponded with the show well.  It opened with models strutting on the runway carrying flat semicircular objects.  Each model stopped at a different spot on the runway, bent down and laid the object flat on the floor.  What happened next was incredible.  Each model converted the object into a springy piece of clothing.

The designer for Issey Miyake is currently Yoshiyuki Miyamae and the theme of the show was “rhythmatic forest.”  Geographic patterns told the stories throughout the show along with tailored jackets and coats.  The bottoms were slim and often tucked into a boot.  What I loved were the oversized wraps some models wore, especially the grey and red ones.  The colors were deep, but also rich and vibrant in some cases.  The way the clothes bounced as the models walked was incredible.

If you’ve seen the pictures you’re probably wondering how Miyamae produced the clothes this way.  Steam stretch is according to their program, “an original Issey Miyake technique which uses stream heat to shrink cloth into shape.”  Pretty cool right?  Well anyway, it was an incredible show.  The audience clapped loudly and the end wanting a second bow from the designer.  I loved being apart of that world for those moments.

Alexandra Swies

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