Paris Fashion Week: I spy Rihanna…everywhere

Okay everybody knows Paris Fashion week was on and every designer tried to get the most famous and popular people to show up at their shows, but the designers who really hit it off were the ones who got Rihanna to pass by their show and take her seat in the front row. You might ask yourself: Why is that? Well, lets just say that girl knows how to draw some attention to herself. This time not necessarily by singing but by her clothes. This year’s Paris Fashion Week should be named Rihanna’s Fashion Week as she surprised quite a bit with a lot of different looks. But see for yourself:

Rihanna made her first appearance at this year’s fashion show at Lanvin, wearing a grey jacket with a faux fur shrug attached the front and grey loose-fitting trousers. All in all very sophisticated.

Rihanna at Lanvin

Later that day she lost some sophistication on her way when showing up in this, not so concealing outfit, at Balmain’s after party.


Rihanna at Balmain

On saturday at 1pm Rihanna showed up at Jen Paul Gaultier’s show. In a lace top with an XXL scarf and black trousers.


Rihanna at Jean Paul Gaultier

Same day different outfit. To the Comme des Garcons show she wore an oversize leather trench coat combined with a mink fur coat and white stilettos. On the mink coat it said “FEAR”, but what? Maybe what she might be wearing to the next show?


Rihanna on her way to the Comme des Garcons show

With this outfit she wore at the Givenchy show she probably must have thought: Sunday = Funday. She wore a black long blazer with a bandeau top underneath and loose-fitting trousers as well as a baseball cap.


Rihanna at Givenchy

On monday march 3rd she was seen at the next show by Stella McCartney wearing a green and grey oversize jacket.


Rihanna at Stella McCartney

For Chanel’s show Rihanna decided to dress a little bit more chic in a lilac costume and white sneakers by Chanel, remembering Chanel’s haute couture show.


Rihanna at Chanel

The next day a new show a different designers. This time she wore a colored fur and leather coat over a brown short dress to the MiuMiu show. Well, although fur coats and colored fur coats are the thing to wear at the moment this might be too many colors mixed into one outfit.


Rihanna at MiuMiu

Back to her rather revealing style she dressed up in an extra short black dress with black suspenders to the Dior show. But aren’t suspenders normally worn under the dress, for nobody to see?


Rihanna preparing for the Dior show

Well, after seeing her transformations during this year’s fashion show one thing can be said for sure: This girl can pretty much wear anything and still gives every outfit her own personal Rihanna stamp. And I am sure that she has already gotten several invitations to next year’s fashion week!


Maria Freundlieb


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