Are You On The List? | Getting Into Fashion Shows

Have you ever tried to get into a fashion show? It’s either pretty easy or nearly impossible (especially for the bigger name brands like Chanel, Dior). But in some cases, it might be easier than you think.

Paris Fashion Week has come to a close and I have sat in my fair share of shows this season. Thankfully, I was given invitations to the shows and didn’t need to go the sneaky route to get in. But just because I have the free pass, doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching others trying to fool the PR rep into getting in to see the show.

PFW Street Syle | via JaneSneakPeak

PFW Street Syle | via JaneSneakPeak


The classic line that is said when one person has an invitation and the other one doesn’t. In this case, its up to the PR rep to decide whether or not there is room for the assistant, if this is in fact a legitimate claim, or just a fashionista trying to get in. This option works out best for more established writers or buyers that have a relationship with the PR. It doesn’t work for two pretty girls that are the same age. It’s really hard to buy that a 20 year old has an assistant of the same age, especially if you have no credentials to back you up.


This is really the go-to line when someone else has given you their ticket and the PR rep is checking every name on the invite/list. People who are playing this card need to be extremely confident with themselves and do a little homework as to who they are the ‘assistant’ for. I have gotten a couple of invitations from a local journalist and whenever questioned, I always say I am helping them cover the shows while he/she is attending XYZ show that starts right after this one. Being confident and knowledgable about the schedule can really help.

PFW Street Syle | via JaneSneakPeak

PFW Street Syle | via JaneSneakPeak


Well do you know who the PR rep is? If she or he doesn’t know you personally or if she hasn’t exchanged dozens of emails with you then chances are no, she doesn’t know who you are. The PR rep is looking at hundreds of people right now who are shouting, pushing, and looking equally as dolled up as you to get into the show. So unless you’re a well known celebrity or fashion editor from Vogue, Elle, or WWD, do not use this line.


Most shows have a standing section that is reserved for last to fill any open seats or give people a chance to watch the show from behind the seats, against the walls, etc. Usually when standing people are invited, there is such a rush to start the show, they often don’t look for people with standing tickets, so even if you don’t have one, it might be worth it to give up your personal space and stand in line. This is really hit or miss depending on the designer.

PFW Street Syle | via JaneSneakPeak

PFW Street Syle | via JaneSneakPeak


Since we live in a digital age where pictures and videos are better than text, some PR reps really like having photographers and videographers at the shows. Some PR agencies represent several clients that are showing during the week, so they have a One-For-All pass they give to photographers. You can ask for one of these passes with the PR agency a couple of weeks in advance of the show, but be forewarned, if you show up dressed to the nines without a camera (or use your iPhone), they will take that pass away from you so fast and you will be blacklisted from future shows.


Coming from the PR rep, these words are like the kiss of death. I hate hearing them, especially after I have gotten confirmations via email or over the telephone from the PR rep and/or their interns. If you get there early enough and its not crazy busy, you might be able to talk your way into the show by showing some credentials. But if the show is already late and there are tons of people waiting to get in, you might just have to press your luck in the standing section.

In the end, no matter how you get in, the fashion shows are always fun to see. The music, the lights, the atmosphere… it all plays together. Please remember that fashion weeks are for the professionals who are actually there to work. If you just want to go for fun, then stay outside with the rest of girlies and try getting your picture taken by the street style photogs. But if you have the chance (and talents) to sneak your way in, do it :)

–Eloisa Puentes

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