Luxury Detox

After New York comes … MILAN ! This past Wednesday, MFW opened in quite an unusual way. Hanging from the ceiling of the Vittorio Emanuele II gallery was a 100 square meter banner capturing the image of Russian model Eugenia Vologina and a young boy besides her wearing a crown. In the top left corner is written “ Beautiful Fashion, Ugly Lies? “ and in the top left corner: #thekingisnaked.


“ We are here today to reveal the naked truth and join this little King in demanding toxic-free fashion for children everywhere. It is time to strip away the illusion and reveal fashions dirty little secret” said Chiara Campione, Fashion Duel Project Leader at Greenpeace Italy.


This little stunt was pulled by Greenpeace in an effort to raising awareness on chemicals found in clothing made by luxury brands. Greenpeace has been actively campaigning to push major brands to stop the harmful discharging of chemicals in water waste. These toxins are known to harm the environment, animals and humans. Brands like Valentino and Burberry have already altered their methods in order to prevent further harm, hopefully the rest of them will follow 

ImageBy Camille Riviere

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