Fausto Puglisi A/W ’14: Kaleidoscope Dream or Circus?

February 19th kick started Milan Fashion Week and Fausto Puglisi was one of the hottest shows to be at. With his sophomore show, Puglisi took to color blocking and kaleidoscope-inspired patterns.

Puglisi’s show notes revealed he was inspired by “the supremacist artwork compositions of Kazimir Malevich and the Orphic Cubism of Sonia Delaunay”. His ultimate goal was to evoke emotion through forms rather than images. His collection featured leggings, skintight bodices, A-lined micro-triangular skirts, embellished beading and metalwork, and oddly enough…sweaters featuring The Statue of Liberty.

Peasant Woman - Kazimir Malevich

Peasant Woman – Kazimir Malevich

Sonia Delauney's "Color Moves: Art and Fashion" exhibit

Sonia Delauney’s “Color Moves: Art and Fashion” exhibit

Although a clever combination of fashion and art, I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance his pieces had to harlequin costumes, especially Batman character Harley Quinn. Puglisi’s A-line and protruding skirts made for beautiful silhouettes but the combination of several colors made it a bit dowdy and clownish. The shorter dresses and skirts seemed more wearable since the models weren’t consumed by the abundance of colors and pattern.


However, there were still a few pieces I really enjoyed, those mainly being the micro A-lined skirts and the designs that stuck to no more than two or three colors (check them out below).


All in all, Puglisi’s A/W 2014 collection may not have been my favorite but I can appreciate his fusion of art and fashion, silhouettes, and creativity.

By: Julianne Bagley

(Photo Credit: TheFashionSpot.com)

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