Diane’s Vital Voice

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Diane von Furstenberg is much, much more than that infamous wrap dress. She’s got something far bigger that she wants us all to wrap our heads around: the fact that women’s voices are vital, no matter where in the world they may be.

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While Diane von Furstenberg is most easily associated with the iconic wrap dress that she created, what makes her remarkable in my books is her relentless commitment to empowering women. She is a vocal champion for an organization called Vital Voices, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that combats human trafficking of women and girls, and invests in women to help them become local leaders and entrepreneurs.

In addition to the other philanthropic contributions Diane makes to numerous organizations (many of them women-focused), she has also established the DVF Awards, an award that celebrates women leaders. DVF Award recipients receive $50,000 from Diane’s family foundation in order to sustain projects that improve the social, economic, and political standing of women.

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In a world that often fails to value women beyond the physical, Diane’s commitment to honor women around the world is inspiring and encouraging. I find it incredibly refreshing to have a powerful female designer who seeks to outfit women far beyond the clothes, but rather, offer them confidence, opportunity, and positive change.

No wonder it’s such a thrill to wrap oneself around a DVF dress- it’s made with pure love and recognition for a woman’s power. It’s the perfect dress to conquer the world in.

By: Ruby Veridiano

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