Lanvin Spring|Summer 2014 Ad Campaign

I’m sorry, I am a bit confused, is this a campaign for clothing or a review for an über chic café?

Lanvin’s Spring|Summer 2014 video is really a mystery to me. Yes it is visually appealing with the ultra white-blonde models dressed in colored metallics contrasting against the stark black emptiness of the background, but what is extremely distracting are the restaurant like noises mixed with the random phrases about food spoken in low, sultry voices.

Phrases such as “Thick and frothy,” The hot center is offset by the delicate crust,” “I like the way it smells as it rises, and “Melt a little butter in your pan and wait for it to sizzle,” really seem out of place. It’s almost like they took a cue from Ellen Degeneres when she had Meryl Streep read a recipe for oatmeal in a sexy tone. The tea kettle whistling, clinking of silverware, and gurgling water really makes the viewer rely on the visuals to get a sense for the campaign. Lanvin could be trying to convey what they have ‘cooked up’ for this season through these over-the-top phrases and sounds.


Lanvin Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign | via

Lanvin really packed the collection on the girls. The women are a rainbow of metallics with pink, fuchsia, teal, gold and silver clothing layered on their thin frames with equally shiny, chunky accessories bound around their necks and wrists. The men are bit more subdued with navy and white tailored suits, sleeveless dress shirts embellished with leather details, and mesh-like tank tops that add very minimal color. Oh and don’t worry, the men have their own metallic bag as well.

All models surround and/or sit on a black table with clear glasses of water randomly placed throughout. The models’ expressions are extremely posed and forced which ultimately makes them uncomfortable to watch. The video really displays the season’s collection in an exaggerated way, however, there is no purpose suggested in the film. There is no invitation to connect with the brand or share the content. This is either a deliberate attempt to continue the theme of the video and try to stay exclusive or an overlook to try and connect to their customers.

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign | via

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign | via

If this is Lanvin’s “finest works,” then consider me disappointed. Ultimately, this campaign reminds me of Chanel’s virally hilarious Chanel N.5 campaign featuring Brad Pitt. And who can forget that 🙂

–Eloisa Puentes

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