Walk in the Oceans

Today the Internet enables us to stay connected to the rest of the world in a matter of seconds. Keeping up with fashion trends from NY, Milan and London is also as important in keeping up with Paris Fashion Week.  While skimming different articles reporting on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week February 6-13th, I stumbled across an article reporting on Pharrell Williams announcement at the American Museum of Natural History.

Screen shot 2014-02-17 at 5.25.48 PM

“ The oceans need us now ” said Williams while standing under a 94 –foot-long blue whale. Saturday evening, the artist announced his collaboration with G-Star Raw and Bionic Yarn to create a denim collection derived from fibers made from collected ocean plastics.  G-star is planning to incorporate Bionic yarn into all of its future product lines.

The effect of this disregarded plastic dumped into the oceans is detrimental to our environment. Wildlife suffers first hand by eating the debris, which causes serious harm and death. The toxics can also cause hormone disruption and highly contaminates the fish eventually consumed by humans. This may result in human ingestion of chemicals.


Although this project would not eliminate the issue entirely, its companies and partnerships like these that help move our society towards awareness and change.

By Camille Riviere

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