Madrid Fusión

Fashion and trends are not only about clothes; it is also about cinema, literature and of course gastronomy. This is why I will talk about ´´Madrid Fusión´´, the most important gastronomic event in Spain. It takes place in the capital, Madrid, chefs from all over the world gather together to show their new creations and their new products.

Sergi Arola, Mario Sandoval or Jordi and Joan Roca are a few examples of the spanish chefs participating in this event. The national haute-cuisine is being represented by magnificent spanish chefs.

Here are some examples of what we can find at Madrid Fusión:

Cronut – A donut with a croissant dough


Fruits with animal shapes, Lemon Mouse


Olive oil from Petra Mora; olive oil was one of the protagonists of Madrid Fusión, this new brand is the new discovery of this tipical spanish product.

Imagen 4

Cocktails were also served at the event and Solán de Cabras offered a variety of different cocktails.


This event is not only good for the spanish gastronomy, but also for our tourism. There were more than 100 chefs and a lot of students from Hotel Schools and Tourism Schools, students from the Cordon Bleu were also attending the event and many people interested in gastronomy were also in the capital to taste and see these new creations. The spanish gastronomy is well recognized in the world and spanish chefs are well known all over the world. Madrid Fusión is a great opportunity to relax and free your mind from all the stress we have today. Go and enjoy!

Manuela Morales López

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