Lookbooks and Linesheets and Sales, Oh My!

Paris Fashion Week is almost here and soon the city will be flooded with fashionistas, media moguls, and more importantly buyers. Yes, it’s time for Sales Showroom!

Fashion wouldn’t be the industry that it is if no one purchased clothes! With an over saturated market of designers, it is more important than ever for up and coming brands to keep buyers’ attention even after the glitz and the glamour of the runway has faded.

Lookbook | via PRCouture.com

Lookbook | via PRCouture.com

Sales showroom gives the buyer an opportunity to get up close and personal with clothes and accessories by touching and feeling the quality of the material. Buyers know their consumers better than anyone and decide within an instant whether or not a designer’s collection is right for their store.

When approaching the development of a lookbook, line-sheet or catalogue, the way a product is visually communicated and delivered is just as important as the product itself. – Carmel Samiri, Eva Eli PR

Linesheet | via PRCouture.com

Linesheet | via PRCouture.com

The Lookbook gives the buyer a visual journey through the collection either through a series of pack shots, creative images, or simple modeling. The lookbook is the first thing buyers see and so it should be a good representation of not only this season’s collection and story, but your brand identity as well.

Linesheets come in during ordering time. Linesheets should have all the information about the clothing/accessory available. What sizes it comes in, colors, fabrics, etc. This thing needs to be loaded with information, but also easy be easy to read and fill out.

Linesheet | via Stylebubble.co.uk

Linesheet | via Stylebubble.co.uk

You can imagine that these business like documents may sometimes end up being a last minute, hurried product from the designer who can’t be bothered with such frivolous paperwork. The best thing for a designer to do is to spend some time making an easy to use template that requires minimal effort to update every season. This small investment in time now will save countless hours, and attract the right buyers, in the future :)

–Eloisa Puentes

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