Lingerie shops, Sabbia Rosa in the 7th vs. La Perla

by Anna Smirnova

Last Tuesday, in awaiting of  Saint Valentines Day, my friend and I went to check out a lingerie shop in Saint-Germaine. We heard for a long time that it’s a lingerie haven and favorite place of Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. The place is also famous for taking private orders and all lingerie is trimmed with Calais lace. The shop is full of silk slips, corsets, nighdresses and bras in a huge range of colors. The quality of silk is especially good, but is very unpractical in taking care of.

Asking for “more sexy things”, saleswomen could not help us and started to roll her eyes. After trying a few things, we did not feel welcome anymore and decide to leave. To sum up; the shop has nice things, but more classic and kind of old fashion style. The quality is good but the service is bad, so it depends rather you are ready for some attitude from the stuff or not. Nevertheless we had more fun in La Perla and really  enjoyed the New Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

La Perla: black and white photo (official website )

Sabbia Rosa: the rest (



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