Give Your Style a Voice, WEIRever You Are

Listen up, your clothes have a lot to say. No one knows this better than Olympic skaters whose bedazzled spandex has sounded its barbaric yawp over the crowds of the world for decades. Now, for Sochi 2014, two-time American Olympic skater, Johnny Weir, is taking his eccentric style off the ice and even closer to the public eye. The outspoken LGBT activist has been using his platform as NBC Figure Skating Analysts, along with a fabulous wardrobe, to make a statement. Dressing in a rainbow of vintage Chanel and Valentino, Weir has brought exuberant style, flair and feist to these Olympic Games.







Marred with controversies ranging from unfinished hotel rooms to terrorists threats, the Sochi Olympics, along with the Russian government, has been most heavily criticized for its strong sentiments against the LGBT community. Prior to the games, many Americans called for a boycott as a form of protest against Russia’s stance on gay rights but, Weir chose to be at  the forefront, boldly facing the discrimination head on. Now, in the belly of the beast, he is unabashedly flaunting his personal style and making his statement loud and clear; he is who he is and not even Mother Russia can change that. 

You can follow along with Weir’s wardrobe adventures via his Instagram which he has been updating daily throughout the Games.

-Grace Aucella

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