This entry is about the upcoming issue of CR-Fashion Book, my mentor Carine Roitfeld’s magazine. The issue comes out February 25th but already there is tons of buzz around the so-called Fairy Tale Edition. And by Fairy Tale they seem to mean…a fashion spread with an ET theme. I know this because there is so much buzz on my other newsfeeds, blog, and Instagram followings that I knew about the spread before I actually knew about the spread via the website and of course, God forbid, the actual magazine. I don’t know what it is about aliens and things that are meant to be ugly juxtaposed with high fashion and this kind of oh-my-I’m-in-AWE kind of vibe but all the fashion bloggers just seemed to eat this one up but I just found it kind of creepy looking. Like, weird for weird’s sake. My other mentor, Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine, didn’t cover it herself but had Amelia Diamond do it. And Amelia loved it because she seems to just love everything and be super upbeat and peppy about just about everything and posted the whole thing on the website already. The other huge fan of the spread is of course, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. Always her mother’s supporter (this works both way I would just like to add, CR is constantly regramming and retweeting Julia’s things). And no one really goes against them right? So ready, set, go, this is the new thing. ET. I don’t know, I suppose I am now going to start donning bug-eyes and speaking very slowly and insisting I be carried around in a bicycle basket. Got it? Good.


Amanda Timerman

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