Does fashion have a new “It Girl?”

You didn’t have to be cordially invited to Burberry’s runway show today to have a first view of the collection.  The runway show was aired live once again with live performers throughout the show.   You may have noticed a returning model walking the catwalk from September that has received life changing news for her career.  Just in case she slipped by you, does this face look familiar?

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

If not, her name is Neelam Johal. The big news is that Neelam has become Burberry’s first ever Indian model to be signed to a Burberry campaign. The 18 –year-old originally wanted to become a fashion journalist and claims to be quite the bookworm.  She was first noticed at 13, but modeling was not always in her plan.  Ella Alexander from Vogue interviewed her and asked how she felt when she heard the news.  Neelam responded as follows, “I’ll never forget the moment when my agency told me I got the campaign,” she recalled. … When she broke the news to me, I started crying and my whole agency was crying with me and clapping. It just felt too good to be true, it still does.”  Neelam aspires to eventually work with Chanel, Givenchy, Hermes, and Kenzo. She plans to be in the business for a while since her career is starting to kick off!  So good luck Neelam!

Photo taken from

    Photo taken from

Photo taken from

Photo taken from

Could she be fashion’s newest “it girl?” Guess we’ll have to keep following her!

Also, the link below is to watch the Burberry Fashion Show from this morning:

Alexandra Swies

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