Christine Phung’s Geometric Nature

christine phung

Christine Phung’s designs are a thrill to discover.

A Paris based womenswear designer, Christine Phung was born to a Cambodian father and a French mother. Her upbringing in France while immersed in both cultures influenced her appreciation for printed fabrics and materials. Her designs are modern, architectural, geometric, and incorporate vibrant colors of yellow, cobalt, teal, and more.


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.28.39 PM

As a rare person in fashion who tries to avoid wearing black, I’m thrilled to see a designer who uses color generously. Her signature style can be identified by her use of boldly hued geometric shapes and patterns, which I find electric and exciting. Though her brand is new (it was founded in 2011), I enjoy seeing her consistency in her collections, staying true to her signature style and her promise to deliver “hybrid couture techniques and sportswear lines” while maintaining a “delicate yet boldly architectural” aesthetic. When looking across her collections, one can see that her love for nature shows up in the textures and prints she chooses for her designs. Her latest collection for Spring/Summer 2014 entitled “Liquid Dillusion” features materials that resemble water, while her Winter 2014 collection entitled “Round Fields” was informed by her imagination of the circular fields in Nevada.

C.Phung-DSC_8771Above: “Liquid Dillusion”

Below: “Round Fields”

11914207345-12MC-christine-phung-top-03-0980-1024Phung studied fashion design at the Ecole Duperee as well as the Institut Francais de la Mode, and has worked for Christophe Lemaire, Chloe, Vanessa Bruno, and Baby Dior. An award-winning designer, she’s won the Grand Prix of design for the City of Paris, and in 2013 won the ANDAM prize in the category “Premieres Collections”.

She’ll be showing her newest collection at Paris Fashion Week this month, and I can’t wait to see how it takes shape.

By: Ruby Veridiano

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