Vintage Shopping a Paris

Although, like many of you, I love my weekly shopping trips to pick up the latest  ‘must-haves’ of the season, fast fashion has turned clothing disposable. One of my favorite things to do in Paris on my weekends is vintage shopping in the Marais. By shopping in vintage stores we can decrease demand of clothing from major retail stores, even by small quantities.


FACT:  1 million tons of textiles are thrown away a year (

Garment waste gets thrown into Landfill which are harmful in numerous ways:

–             infrastructure disruption

–             local environmental pollution

–             water contamination  by chemicals used in textiles: dye& bleaches

–             soil contamination, decaying wastes

–             harbors diseases

–             wildlife injuries


Vintage is all about looking over and under piles of STUFF.  Many of us who have a passion for fashion have a creative spark that can be used to incorporate vintage pieces in a totally modern, in-style look. Also, many fashion trends tend to re appear every couple of seasons.


If you want to support this recycling process of clothes, you should also participate in putting clothes back into the consumer cycle. Many of us are unaware of the damages textile waste has on our environment, from financing cheap labor factories to enhancing hazardous waste generators.

So next time you have a free Sunday afternoon,  call up some friends and go check out vintage stores  around your neighborhood and come up with some amazing new ways to re-introduce and jazz up your wardrobe.

ImageBy Camille Riviere

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