Michael Kors | From Runway to Ad Campaign

I can’t keep it a secret, Michael Kors is my favorite designer. I am slowly building my own collection of his classic accessories and clothes, in fact I just added a dark navy, ruched jersey dress to my collection last week! Since it is spring time (or almost) I thought we could take a look back at whatever happened to the clothes that braced the runway and have recently come out in ad campaigns.

Clearly, the styling hasn’t changed much except for the occasional switch in the handbag. Staying true to his jet-set style, Kors evokes a sense of wonder and envy into his campaigns. Critics of his collection have often called him boring and/or too consistent. Yes, he does seem to have a certain classic look about him, but is that really such a bad thing? His collections are consistent in that they appeal to women who adore mix-matching classics and not giving into the trends set every season.

The rest of the ad campaign is consistent with the style and motif that he has been doing in the past. Really showing off the accessories collection with wrists filled with bangles or a classic shot of a Saffiano Selma Tote, the ad campaign covers it all. He evokes what a Michael Kors woman does, she is ready for adventure. Whether a last minute weekend getaway or a small escape to the beach, Michael Kors’ collections have something for every woman 🙂

— Eloisa Puentes

All Photos taken from DestinationKors.com

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