London Calling


With a solid five minutes to pack for the weekend, I quickly threw anything clean and black into my bag, cramming in a spare coat and my never-fail Jeffrey Campbell boots before running out the door and down my treterous Parisian stairwell. Running to and through the metro, I arrived at Gare du Nord to the smiling (albeit nervous if I would make it) face of Emma, my Finnish best friend and partner in crime for the weekend. After shuffling though customs and an awkward pat down from security we said au revoir to France and hello to a Baileys and coffee to make the Eurostar slightly more pleasant. Pleasant it was as only a few albums through our shared headphones (naturally I had forgotten mine) later and we were walking through King’s Cross station, London.

Staying in the vibrant neighborhood of Peckham with a dear friend of our’s, our weekend agenda was far from the average tourist tout; no guide books and no real plans except to have fun, which turns out is not very difficult in the magnificent metropolis that is London. Our adult Winning London adventure took us first through an amazing, libation fueled night (and early morning) of shaking hips to oldies with strangers who quickly became new friends at the bustling Bussey Building in Peckham. Reminiscent of weekend benders in Berlin in atmosphere, cheap drinks, and overall cool-giant-warehouse-turned-club-vibe; but better because instead of hours of minimal techno a la Berghain there were hours of MoTown and Soul Train worthy tunes.

bussey building

Bussey Building, Peckham

Tea in one hand and a crumpet in the other, we rubbed our dreary eyes and set off the next day to explore the city, which turned in to snacks and bloody marys along the canal at Camden Market, vintage shopping, and general wondering through Shoreditch. The evening ensued with meeting up with friends– err excuse me, mates– both new and old for an amazing Peruvian dinner, drinks, and lighthearted debauchery.


Andina, Shoreditch


By: Raye Kreidel

(Photos above not taken by myself, as I am one of the last people on Earth who still uses film and it has yet to be developed.)


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