Contemporary Textile – Israeli Exhibition

Last weekend I had the chance to visit Tel Aviv, a city where I had not been since childhood. And while it was very exciting to see all the up and coming neighborhoods, designers, bars, and restaurants, what really caught my eye was the upcoming exhibition at the Eretz Israel Museum called Woven Conciousness. While I have emphasized my focus to be on art within fashion (not fashion with art institutions), I think this is worth a mention considering the novelty of its approach. The theme of the exhibition is contemporary textile in Israel. Textile as a main element of life – cover, protection, ornament, practical object and at the same time sensorial. Historically, it has also been an industry in which Sephardic Jews have thrived and been able

to build themselves up over and over, exile after exile. I have seen this in the four cities across the world I have lived in and never cease to be blown away by the similarity, and therefore familiarity, in which it works. The exhibition will show contemporary textile work in Israel, apparently is flourishing because of the fact that advanced textile studies is actually a track at Israel higher education institutions, seen both as an expressive art and as a business. This is refreshing from the blockbuster fashion exhibitions we have seen lately (hello the NY Met’s summer hits!), in that its focus is not on the designer but on materiality and historicism itself. The exhibition opens next month if anyone is around the Middle East and want to pop in.

Amanda Timerman

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