The Garden of EDUN

EDUN is a global fair-trade fashion brand founded in 2005 by U2 front man, Bono and his wife Ali Hewson. An emordnilap of the word nude, the brand was named as such to suggest both “natural” and the Garden of Eden. Quite fitting since the original goal was to source and produce the majority of the clothing in Africa.

The company fell on hard times because according to Ali, “she and Bono had incorrectly focused on the mission rather than the product,” which led to sourcing and delivery problems, so in 2009 the duo sold 49% stake to LVMH. At the urging of its parent company, EDUN moved the majority of it’s manufacturing to China, which naturally received negative press; however, with the hire of new Creative Director Danielle Sherman, the decision has since been made to return 85% of the production to Africa.

Bono has long been a social activist who has used his influence and money to shine a light on the economic plight of Africa. In addition to EDUN, the legendary artist co-founded DATA (Debt, Aids, Trade, Africa), an organization that advocates debt relief, an adjustment of inequitable trade rules, and accountability of wealthy nations; the One Campaign, whose goal is to eradicate poverty on the continent; and Product Red, which is an ethical consumerism initiative that partners with global brands to create items with the Product Red logo in which a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Global Fund.

Since becoming part of the LVMH group, the brand has taken many measures to refresh itself and renew its commitment to Africa. Bono and Ali were highlighted in a Louis Vuitton Campaign wearing EDUN clothing that was shot by Annie Leibowitz in Africa. In 2012, EDUN partnered with Diesel to create a line made entirely in Africa which debuted during Paris Fashion Week, March 2013. The collaboration further extends to Studio Africa, a project that seeks to highlight fashion, film, music and other arts of Africa. Finally, through EDUN Live, the company produces grow-to-sew T-Shirts that are completely made in Africa.

EDUN showcased its Fall 2014 Ready to Wear collection Monday during New York Fashion Week. In her second season as Creative Director, Sherman presented a sporty and casual collection that was all about texture and shape.



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