Want to dress like Kate Middleton? Of course you do

The elegant, graceful, beautiful, and all around perfect human being, Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge has captured hearts across the globe. Especially mine. I have no shame in saying that Kate is my best friend in my head, and together we would drink tea, go shopping for new Alexander McQueen designs, and be simply fabulous. Her tailored look exemplifies feminist chic, and in my mind, what it really means to be a modern day princess.


And her wedding dress? ARE YOU KIDDING ME.


But fear not fellow Kate-lovers, for I have recently stumbled upon a website that will help average non princesses try to look even a fraction as good as Kate herself! The link below is a website solely dedicated to the Duchess’ fashion, hair and perfect life, and shows how you can create each look!



Kate’s Fashion Archive goes back as early as September 2012, so click away! I recommend dedicating a few hours and maybe some tissues.

Happy shopping!


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