Hey Alexander Wang, 1999 called, Britney wants her pants back.

Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 collection blew away New York Fashion Week Saturday night. Strong gray coats dappled with accents of lime green and bright blue gave the collection a modern, masculine edge. Fashion editors, still miffed that they had to make the trek to Brooklyn on a chilly February night, were quick to praise Wang’s designs – if only, perhaps, to give themselves the gratification of knowing that the hours they spent in their Ubers, sitting in traffic to get to the show had not been wasted.

Despite putting on a successful show (complete with heat sensitive dresses) Wang worryingly resurrected one style that may have been best left in the last millenium: the drawstring pants.  

Seen in Britney Spears’ iconic 1999 “Baby One More Time” video, as well as in Old Navies and high schools across the country, the sporty nylon pants were a step up from its slackish older brother: the sweats and a concerningly close match to its cousin: scrubs.

But, just as Britney’s career has died and made a spectacular comeback, so too, it seems, have these pants.

Unlike Britney, Wang did not pair his wide-legged leather trousers with crop tops and sports bras but rather, with boxy vests and jackets which further enhances the androgynous look the designer so aptly achieved in this collection.

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