We have an emoji for that… and that…

It’s New York Fashion week and all of our social media outlets are blowing up with images from the latest shows. In celebration of this exciting time of year, Harpers Bazaar has released an exclusive line of emojis to better enhance those texts, tweets, instagrams, and Facebook images that these busy fashion goers are constantly posting. I guess the emojis that IPhone provides weren’t chic enough.


This exclusive line includes an image of the Olsen twins, Karl Lagerfeld, Bill Cunningham, red Valentino pumps, and even a SoulCycle bicycle and a green juice from the Blue Print Cleanse for those in need of a stress reliever. But there are some significant contenders missing from these emojis. For one, the infamous Anna Wintour, whom people are bound to see traipsing through Lincoln Center all week long. This might make texting through emoji symbols a bit difficult if one is unable to select her image from the emoji alphabet. And where is Andre Leon Talley? Another fixture of fashion week. Iris Apfel? She can often be found in the front row of the shows.


Although there are some key fashion players missing from this first edition of NYFW emojis, I must say that the concept is brilliant. Emojis have become a major form of text lingo with the popularity of the IPhone, however their “fashion” icons are definitely lacking. The red stiletto, open-toe sandal, and kimono were just not cutting it. Now Harpers Bazaar has spiced things up by demonstrating that there really is an emoji for everything.


By: Alessandra Trifero

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